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Hair Transplant Before and After Most Natural Results

Seeing is believing, so there is no surprise that you want to look at before and after hair transplant results. These examples allow you to envision what we can help you achieve. You can also identify cases of people who share similar features or pain points and determine whether the results match the goals you have in mind.


Who Should Consider Hair Transplant Services

Most of our clients are men over 35 years old who have experienced thinning hair or baldness. This isn't surprising. Men make up the overwhelming majority of persons affected by hair loss. However, male aging is not the only good reason to seek transplant services:

  • Natural Looking Hairline. Men and women experience receding hairlines for different reasons. Aging is a common reason, but how people style their hair can also damage their hairlines. Heat, bleaching and tight ponytails are common reasons for hair loss. Transplants can fix this.
  • Hair Thickening. Some people's hair becomes thinner as they grow older, while others have always had thin hair and wish for thicker tresses. Hair transplant services can address both of these needs.
  • Beards and Mustaches. Facial hair is often associated with masculinity, but not every man can grow one. A hair transplant can help men achieve a full beard, even if they have never grown a beard before.
  • Some people have very thin eyebrows or lose them due to previous illnesses. Hair transplants can rectify this situation by allowing the person to choose the shape and thickness.

What To Expect After Your Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplants can completely transform your appearance but do not provide immediate results. It can take up to 18 months before you see the full changes you seek. Remember that this is natural hair and that hair takes time to regrow.

You may have some mild tenderness, itchiness, and bleeding during the first few days. These are normal and temporary side effects. However, if you experience intense pain or excessive bleeding, reach out to your doctor.

Your surgeon will also provide detailed information on how to care for the affected areas. Follow these instructions carefully so that you can preserve your investment by achieving the best possible results.

Why So Many Patients Choose the TecniFUE Hair Clinic in Turkey

Over the past few years, Turkey has emerged as a hotspot destination for hair transplants. This is mainly due to its ability to provide high standards of care, affordable pricing and natural-looking results. In fact, Turkey has some of the best doctors and clinics in Eurasia and has contributed to some of the cutting-edge advancements in implant procedures and aftercare of patients.

TecniFUE has stood at the center of some of these advancements. For example, we created the TecniFUE 8 Gen Punch tool. It speeds up the grafting process by allowing doctors to complete multiple hair grafts simultaneously. Is it any wonder that people travel from around the world to access our services?

Hair Transplant Before and After Photos

We have completed thousands of procedures and believe these photos are the best testament to our work. Our team did more than just transform how our patients look; we also brought smiles to their faces and improved their confidence.


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