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Below we have shared some of our original Google Reviews. We share them with Pride. Enjoy reading them!

Hi to James Henry & all the doctors & technicians at Tecnifue international. I’d like to thank you for everything from my first contact to I’m arriving home you made it all so simple. The highest level of care and attention was put into everything at every step of the way. I highly recommend them I will re review in 9 months with results great service from everyone the only pain I felt was twice in the anesthetiser injection like at dentist it was nothing no pain since transplant just a little discomfort sleeping. Thanks again to everyone who was involved James & all doctors especially Henry he was a gentleman who went above and beyond to help assist me with anything literally anything I asked or needed. Top class treatment and service again say thanks to everyone.

Ashley Ryan Bones

I am happy that my DHI procedure went smoothly today at TecniFue International. At first, I was very nervous, but then I felt more confident after I met James, a medical director, and his team. They gave me a warm welcome and took good care of me. James was nice and friendly. Especially, I liked the fact that he listened to me carefully what I wanted during the consultation, and then he gave me a suggestion which I agreed with. Also, during the operation, he came to check on me many times to make sure I was Ok. So these are good expressions I had today at the clinic, now I am crossing my fingers and waiting for a good result. I will come back here for a review update to share the result in the next few months.

Trey Ho

Tecnifue International, was great. I am glad i choose this place, Since the beginning they took really good care of me, all my questions were answered at anytime of the day. Thank you Tina for being wonderful consultant and helping with everything from. From the day i landed in turkey the experience was great, the hotel was clean and great, James and all the team took really good care of me i am very happy with my experience. All the promises were kept now Just waiting for my results. Thank you Tecnifue international and team.

Uchid Parajuli

I had hair transplant and laser eye surgery, and was taken care of really well. Everything was well organised and planned. Hotel was great, transfers taken care of. Anything I needed even not part of their job description was handled and provided assistance. Someone was with you the whole time and advised what was going on. Ok recommend completely. I was nervous to do it, hair transplant no issue and no pain during or after. Laser eye only a couple of rough days as to be expected but was provided medication and advice when needed. Jacop, James, Erdan and their driver all made sure things went smoothly and on time. They also contact regularly after to ensure things are okay and for progress updates. Thanks again, just awaiting the results.

Alex Park

I have been struggling with hair loss for almost 10 years and now just thought delaying it further would only make it worse.I’ve got in touch with TecniFUE team at the start of the month and all there team have been so supportive through out the process. Everything was well organised from the start of the journey.Thank you once again for the after care gift box.

S Awan

I left my family back home for a hair treatment, and was blessed by TecniFUE International family. My expectations were exceeded in all aspects, whether I am speaking about Tyler and his help in arranging my plan, or the chief medical Mr. James an honorable and professional gentlemen who had so much patience with me. His team of nurses and doctor were very friendly and understanding these words wont suffice to what they went through to help and support me. My treatment was for DHI, this is my first day after treatment and I'm in good spirit and just came back from shopping. They not only took care of me but they also looked after my wife and had her driven back to the hotel during my surgery since surgery needs longer time. This organization is very honest and not commercial as they also helped my wife with a dermatological issue and advised her properly and charged nothing for doctor consultaion, God knows they could have made so much money out of her. To sum it up I was blessed to do business with a high ethical standard organization. Thankyou team TecniFUE International!

Zeyad Adelco

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