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Editorial Team Tecnifue Hair Clinic

Last Updated January 26, 2024

Meet Our Editorial Team: The Architects of Our Content

Our content is crafted by our Editorial team led by our Co-Founder James Wilson and his medical consultants team in collaboration with the medical team of TecniFUE Hair Clinic in Istanbul Turkey.

Drawing from our extensive experience in hair restoration since 2012, we utilize data from patient records, treatment protocols, and post-treatment feedback.

The cornerstone of our content creation lies in the clinic's treatment protocols, showcasing our medical expertise in hair restoration.

Our Editorial Policy

Ensuring Trustworthy, Accessible, Accurate, and Unique Content. At Tecnifue Hair Clinic, we are dedicated to offering reliable and distinct content.

Our rigorous editorial process guarantees that our information is of the highest quality and unique. Here's an insight into our methodology:

Creating Content with Distinction

Our goal is to produce content that is not just unique but also more comprehensive than what other sources offer.

We blend text, visual, and video elements to enhance comprehension and engagement for our audience.

Our practical expertise in the subject matter provides a comprehensive and unique perspective.

We start with fundamental concepts, incorporate real-life stories and examples, and maintain a friendly, approachable tone to make our content more digestible and enjoyable.

Validating Our Content and Source Utilization

In validating our content, we emphasize that our primary knowledge source is our hands-on experience.

TecniFUE Hair Clinic has conducted over 8,000 hair restoration procedures, providing us with substantial real and practical knowledge.

We are mindful of the publication dates of our sources, recognizing that some academic findings may be outdated or overly theoretical compared to our practical insights.

We deliberately avoid sources with unclear interests, particularly those from trade unions or industry-specific associations that might harbor commercial biases.

Transparency and Ethical Commitment

We acknowledge our commercial interest in the topics we cover.

Our primary objective is to furnish precise and understandable content, empowering our website visitors to make well-informed decisions.

As responsible global citizens, we strictly adhere to the ISO Code of Ethics and Conduct, ensuring integrity and transparency in all our endeavors.


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